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What joy are you hoping for and you’re just not getting it? What awareness of love from God do you need and it’s just not coming? If there’s been something that, for a long time, you need from God and you’re not getting it, it’s not His fault. God’s power is available to you! Ask the Holy Spirit to help you identify the lock you need to turn to open up the door to end the blockage of what God wants to give you. When we do an honest examination of conscience, the Holy Spirit helps us identify the blockage that’s a sin, and he never does it with condemnation. He does it with peace and encouragement and motivation, because he wants us to grow in holiness. He doesn’t want us to sit here crying in our shame, because when we think we’re going to feel ashamed, we don’t examine our consciences, do we?

In this video, Terry Modica shares a person story from her life that reveals the hidden key that unlocks God’s power so you can receive all that He wants to give to you.

Next: Watch the video series on Miracles for Today: God’s Amazing Word, a Bible Study course on God’s Word and what Satan doesn’t want us to believe about it. We all have doubts to some extent. We all have verses of Scripture that we don’t truly believe. We might think we do, but we are going to uncover the lies that Satan has been giving us down through our lives. You know, his lies are very subtle. He is the father of lies, misconceptions, misunderstandings and disbelief that God’s Word is truly true.

Make the Magnificat prayer of Mary the Blessed Mother of Christ into your own prayer, especially when life is most difficult.

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